Online sports betting in South Africa

Betting online has become incredibly popular in South Africa with more and more people moving to the convenience of online betting or mobile sports betting. All you need to get started is a computer or mobile device, a credit card or method to fund your account and some basic sporting knowledge. The appeal of online betting is easy to see, you can place bets from just about anywhere, take part in live betting while the match is in play, play other fun games while you are waiting for matches to result.

Place bets on the following popular sports

South Africans love their sports and there is a large variety of popular sports in this country. When it comes to watching sports and supporting their favourite teams South Africans are also very passionate and shall we say enthusiastic. This passion and enthusiasm can roll over into sports bets as people “put money where their mouth is”. Some of the more popular sports South Africans bet on include:

  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Rugby
  • Golf
  • Basketball

This is not the complete list of sports you can bet on when you place online sports bets there are so many more we just listed some of the popular ones. But you can bet on things like ice hockey and volleyball if that is your style. All you need to do is take a look at the sports list on the betting website to see the complete package of sports on offer.

Learn how to place bets

There are two key elements when it comes to sports betting:

  • Understand the sport you are betting on
  • Understand how betting options work

We can’t teach you how to understand different sports but we can arm you with the knowledge you need, to understand how online betting works. There is so much jargon and so many different betting options it is easy to get confused or mixed up. So, if you are new to betting we suggest you start out with a very simple and basic bet before advancing to the trickier handicap style betting and live in play betting.

How to place a bet online

First up you need to understand how betting odds work, in South Africa most online betting site show their odds in a numerical and decimal format. Take a look at the example below:

Orlando Pirates              1.57 Draw                             3.67 Black Leopards       5.51

In the above example the odds mean the following on a R10 bet:

  • If Orlando Pirates win you could win R15.70
  • If the game results in a draw you could win R36.70
  • If Black Leopards win you could win R55.10
  • All of the above “winnings” include the original R10 wager

If you are still confused all that happened was the odd was multiplied by the wager to equal the possible winnings. The larger the bet you place the larger your winnings could be but, remember the larger your loss could be as well so always gamble with the extra money you have.

Did you know the odds can be used as a guideline to who might win? The larger the difference between the odds the more likely the team with the lowest odds will win, when the odds are closer together the teams are considered evenly matched.

Placing a bet online is simple, simply login to your account, make a deposit and you are ready to go. Navigate your way to the sport of your choice and make your selection, enter in the amount you wish to wager, double check your bet and hit Bet Now.

How to get the most from online betting

There are no guaranteed bets! As fantastic, excellent, and on form a team might be they can still lose. How often have you expected a team to win a match and have been left jaw on the floor when the underdogs walk off the fields as winners? But, having said that there are some techniques you can implement to make better decisions when betting which will hopefully result in winning bet slips.

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